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womans legs after spider vein treatment in Nashville

Spider veins are dense clusters of red or bluish blood vessels visible on the skin’s surface. They always appear just underneath the skin’s surface in a web-like pattern expanding outwards. While spider veins aren’t medically dangerous, they can cause significant self-consciousness and occasional discomfort. At Hi, Finch we provide spider vein treatment in Nashville, TN.

Spider veins usually occur when the valves within the veins stop functioning properly. The valves usually act like one-way doors, allowing blood to flow towards the heart but not backward. When the valves malfunction, blood may flow backward and pool within the leg veins. Over time, accumulated blood in leg veins will make them appear prominently.

Spider veins usually appear on the legs and lower extremities, but they can also appear on the face. Spider veins on the face are usually caused by damaged or burst blood vessels due to excessive sun exposure. In either case, spider vein treatment usually involves shrinking or closing the damaged veins.

Hi, Finch leverages the latest laser technologies to destroy unwanted/ damaged spider veins without pain, complications, or downtime.

Sciton mJOULE

Sciton mJOULE is a groundbreaking, cutting-edge platform that addresses most cosmetic concerns, including spider veins and vascular lesions. mJOULE combines powerful broadband light (BBL HERO) and non-ablative fractional laser (MOXI) capabilities to provide safe, painless, and customized laser treatments that address your specific conditions.

During the mJOULE treatment, the nurse practitioner delivers calibrated wavelengths of light/ laser energy to the spider veins. As the blood cells in the veins absorb the photons from the laser energy, they eventually shrink and dissolve. As such, this treatment makes the damaged blood vessels fade away from the skin’s surface, after your spider vein treatment in Nashville, TN.

You may experience a slight stinging sensation as the mJOULE applicator is moved around the treatment area. The sensation will be similar to a sunburn, and your skin will look flushed for a few hours. You may experience mild swelling in the area for a few days, but you can resume your daily activities immediately.

Womans legs after spider vein treatment in Nashville

Treat Spider Veins at Hi, Finch

Hi, Finch is a cutting-edge medical aesthetic practice specializing in the latest laser treatments for spider veins and other cosmetic concerns. We carefully diagnose the root cause of spider veins, discuss your goals and concerns, and curate personalized spider vein treatments. For more information, please schedule your consultation at Hi, Finch, Nashville, TN.

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