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Submental fullness, more commonly known as the “double chin,” is a cosmetic condition caused by the accumulation of subcutaneous fat tissues under the chin. While a double chin doesn’t necessarily cause functional or medical problems, it can lead to severe self-consciousness and mental health deterioration.

Submental fullness may occur due to various reasons, such as rapid weight gain, aging, hormonal changes, and genetic predisposition. Furthermore, traditional weight loss methods, such as exercise and dieting, are usually ineffective against the double chin. Individuals who are otherwise fairly slim may also suffer from submental fullness.

Hi, Finch provides a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure to eliminate the unwanted fat tissues under the chin — Kybella. You can now eliminate the submental fat tissues with a few strategically delivered injections that activate your body’s natural fat metabolism. Kybella allows you to achieve a chiseled jawline without undergoing surgeries.

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Kybella is one of the most effective (and least invasive) methods to eliminate the unwanted pockets of fat under the chin. Kybella is a cosmetic injectable composed of a naturally occurring enzyme called deoxycholic acid. Your body produces this enzyme to break down and eliminate fat cells naturally, allowing you to maintain a slender figure.

During the Kybella treatment, the nurse practitioner injects a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid under the chin. As such, the enzyme’s metabolism processes are concentrated around the chin and jawline, helping you achieve a more contoured look. However, the procedure involves multiple sessions spaced several weeks apart.

Double Chin Treatment at Hi, Finch

Hi, Finch is a state-of-the-art medical aesthetic practice equipped with the latest treatments for submental fullness and unwanted fat tissues. Our nurse practitioner carefully examines your chin and discusses your goals to curate the ideal treatment plan for submental fullness. For more information, please schedule your double chin treatment in west Nashville, TN.

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